Translation of "mysterious" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /mɪˈstɪə.ri.əs/ us /mɪˈstɪr.i.əs/

B2 strange, not known, or not understood

She's an actress whose inner life has remained mysterious, despite the many interviews she has given. 作为一名演员,她虽然接受过多次采访,但私生活依然很神秘。
He died in mysterious circumstances, and there is still a possibility that it was murder. 他死得蹊跷,仍不排除是谋杀的可能。
mysteriously adverb uk /mɪˈstɪə.ri.ə us /mɪˈstɪr.i.ə


"Perhaps, and perhaps not," she said mysteriously. “也许是,也许不是,”她神秘兮兮地说。
Mysteriously, the light came on, although no one was near the switch. 虽然没有人在开关旁边,灯却神秘地亮了。

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