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uk /ˈnɔː.ti/ us /ˈnɑː.t̬i/

naughty adjective (BADLY BEHAVED)

B2 When children are naughty, or their behaviour is naughty, they behave badly or do not do what they are told to do.

Now that's naughty - don't throw food on the floor! 真淘气——你不能把食物扔在地上!
Our boss treats us all like naughty children. 我们的老板把我们当成调皮的小学生来对待。

mainly UK used slightly humorously to describe an adult who has behaved badly or an adult's bad action

"I'm afraid I borrowed your car without asking." "Yes, that was very naughty of you - I needed it at the weekend!" “抱歉,我未经允许擅自借用了你的车。”“是啊,你真不像话,我本来周末要用的!”

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naughty adjective (SEXUAL)

informal humorous involving or suggesting sex

The film was shown on television but they cut out all the naughty scenes. 电视上播放了这部电影,但他们把所有涉性的镜头都剪掉了。
He always buys her naughty underwear for her birthday. 他总是给她买性感的内衣作为生日礼物。

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