Translation of "nest" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (HOME) uk us /nest/

a structure built by birds or insects to leave their eggs in to develop, and by some other animals to give birth or live in

a bird's nest 鸟巢
a wasps'/hornets' nest 黄蜂/马蜂窝
a rat's nest 鼠穴
Cuckoos are famous for laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. 杜鹃以在其他鸟的窝巢里下蛋而闻名。
The alligators build their nests out of grass near the water's edge. 短吻鳄在水边用草给自己搭窝。

a comfortable home

when the children grow up and leave the nest 当孩子们长大后离开安乐窝

a place where something unpleasant or unwanted has developed

The diplomats have been sent home because their embassy has become a nest of spies and espionage. 外交官们被遣送回国,因为他们的大使馆已经沦为间谍窝。

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