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uk /ˈnaɪ us /ˈnaɪ

nicely adverb (PLEASANT)

B2 well, pleasantly, or in a satisfactory way

Those trousers fit you nicely. 那条裤子你穿很合身。
You painted the room very nicely. 你把木建部分漆得很漂亮啊。
Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until the cake is nicely browned. 把混合料烘烤35至40分钟,直至烤成漂亮的黄褐色蛋糕。
They said the baby was doing nicely (= was healthy) and would soon be back at home. 他们说宝宝身体很健康,很快就可以回家。

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nicely adverb (KIND)

B2 in a kind, friendly, or polite way

Well, I like her - she's always treated me very nicely. 哦,我喜欢她——她一直待我很不错。
You can have another biscuit if you ask nicely. 如果你好好说的话,还可以再吃一块饼干。

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