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uk /ˈnuː.dəl/ us /ˈnuː.dəl/

noodle noun (FOOD)

[ C usually plural ] a food in the form of long, thin strips made from flour or rice, water, and often egg, cooked in boiling liquid

egg/rice noodles 鸡蛋面/米粉
instant/crispy noodles 方便面/炒面
chicken noodle soup 鸡汤面

noodle noun (HEAD)

[ C ] US old-fashioned informal UK noddle the head or brain of a person

Did that hit you on the noodle? 撞到你脑袋了吗?
Use your noodle - clear the shelves before you paint the cupboard! 用用脑子!先把碗橱清空,再给它上漆!

noodleverb [ I ]

uk /ˈnuː.dəl/ us /ˈnuː.dəl/ US informal

to play a musical instrument without giving it full or serious attention

I just sat at the piano noodling. 我不过是坐在钢琴旁随手弹弹而已。

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