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uk /ˈnʌm.bər/ us /ˈnʌm.bɚ/

number noun (SYMBOL)

A1 [ C ] (a sign or symbol representing) a unit that forms part of the system of counting and calculating

25, 300, and a billion are all numbers. 25 300和10亿都是数字。
She's very good with numbers (= good at adding, subtracting, etc.). 她非常擅长数字运算。

A1 [ C ] written abbreviation no. a number that is used to mark a particular example of something

They live at number 34 Orchard Street. 他们住在果园街34号。
Please write your credit card number on this form. 请把你的信用卡号写在这张表格上。
What's our flight number? 我们的航班号是多少?

A1 [ C ] written abbreviation no. a phone number

I gave him my number. 我把自己的电话号码给了他。

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number noun (AMOUNT)

B1 [ S, + sing/pl verb ] an amount or total

The number of people killed in traffic accidents fell last month. 上个月,死于交通事故的人数有所下降。
There has been an increasing number of cases of the disease. 患这种病的人数持续上升。
A small number of children are educated at home. 少数孩子在家接受教育。
A large number of invitations has been sent. 大量请柬已经发出。
Letters of complaint were surprisingly few in number (= there were not many of them). 投诉信出乎意料地少。
numbers [ plural ]

a number of a particular description

Small numbers of children are educated at home. 少数孩子在家接受教育。
Large numbers of invitations were sent. 大量请柬已经发出。
Newspapers are produced in vast numbers. 报纸发行量巨大。
a number of things

B2 several of a particular type of thing

I decided not to go, for a number of reasons. 我决定不去,有几个理由。

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number noun (PARTICULAR THING)

[ C ] a particular copy of a magazine

Do you have last week's number of the New Yorker? 你有上周的那期《纽约客》杂志吗?
He's got all the back numbers (= previous copies) of the magazine. 他保存了这本杂志过去的所有刊本。

[ C ] informal a piece of clothing, especially a dress, that you admire

She was wearing a stylish Dior number. 她身穿一条时尚的迪奥长裙。

[ C ] US slang a person with a particular characteristic

He's a real sexy number, don't you think? 他真性感,你不觉得吗?

[ C ] a short tune or song

Sing one of those romantic numbers. 唱一支那种情歌吧。

[ C usually singular ] mainly US informal something that is often said

He tried the usual/that old number about how his wife didn't understand him. 他又故技重施,诉说妻子如何不理解他。


uk /ˈnʌm.bər/ us /ˈnʌm.bɚ/

number verb (WRITE SYMBOL)

C1 [ T ] to give something a number in a series and usually to write this number on it

All the folders have been carefully numbered and filed away. 所有文件夹都被精心编号归档。
Number the pages from one to ten. 从1到10标上页码。

number verb (AMOUNT)

C2 [ L only + noun ] If people or things number a particular amount, there are this many of them.

After the hurricane the homeless numbered over 200,000. 飓风过后,无家可归者总计超过20万人。

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