Translation of "number" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (PARTICULAR THING) 某个事物 uk us /ˈnʌm.bər/ US  /-bɚ/

[ C ] a particular example of something


[ C ] a particular copy of a magazine

Have you got last week's number of the New Yorker? 你有上周的那期《纽约客》杂志吗?
He's got all the back numbers (= previous copies) of the magazine. 他保存了这本杂志过去的所有刊本。

[ C ] informal a piece of clothing, especially a dress, that you admire

She was wearing a stylish Dior number. 她身穿一条时尚的迪奥长裙。

[ C ] US slang a person with a particular characteristic

He's a real sexy number, don't you think? 他真性感,你不觉得吗?

[ C ] a short tune or song

Sing one of those romantic numbers. 唱一支那种情歌吧。

[ C usually singular ] mainly US slang something that is often said

He tried the usual/that old number about how his wife didn't understand him. 他又故技重施,诉说妻子如何不理解他。

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