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uk /nʌt/ us /nʌt/

nut noun (FOOD)

B2 [ C ] the dry fruit of particular trees that grows in a hard shell and can often be eaten

a Brazil/cashew nut 巴西坚果/腰果
Sprinkle some roasted chopped nuts on top. 往表面撒些烤过的碎果仁。

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nut noun (METAL OBJECT)

[ C ] a small piece of metal with a hole in it through which you put a bolt

Nuts and bolts are used to hold pieces of machinery together. 螺帽和螺栓用来把机器零件拼装在一起。

nut noun (PERSON)

[ C ] informal or offensive a person who behaves in a very silly, stupid, or strange way or an offensive term for a person who is mentally ill

What kind of nut would leave a car on a railway track? 哪个疯子会把车停在铁轨上?

[ C ] informal someone who is extremely enthusiastic about a particular activity or thing

James is a tennis nut - he plays every day. 伊恩是个网球迷——他每天都打网球。
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nut noun (HEAD)

[ C ] UK slang a person's head

Come on, use your nut (= think clearly)! 好啦,动动你的脑子!

nut noun (MONEY)

[ U ] US informal the amount of money necessary to operate a business or cover your costs

With two houses, three cars and child-support payments, he just couldn't meet his nut, even with a second job. 他有两栋房子、三辆车要维护,还要支付孩子的抚养费。这样的开销他尽管有两份工作也难以为继。

nutverb [ T ]

uk /nʌt/ us /nʌt/ UK informal

to hit someone or something with your head

The guy turned round and nutted him. 那人转过身来,一头撞上了他。

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