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uk /ˈɒb.dʒɪkt/ us /ˈɑːb.dʒɪkt/

object noun (THING)

B1 [ C ] a thing that you can see or touch but that is not usually a living animal, plant, or person

a solid/material/physical object 固体的/有形的实物
a collection of precious objects 收藏的珍品
Several people reported seeing a strange object in the sky. 看,天上有个奇怪的东西!

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object noun (GRAMMAR)

B1 written abbreviation obj [ C ] specialized language a noun or noun phrase that is affected by the action of a verb or that follows a preposition

In the sentence "I like ice cream", "ice cream" is the object of the verb "like". 在句子 I like ice cream 中,ice cream 是动词 like 的宾语。

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object noun (PURPOSE)

C1 [ C usually singular ] a reason for doing something, or the result you wish to achieve by doing it

The object of their expedition was to discover the source of the River Nile. 他们探险的目的是找到尼罗河的源头。
the object of the exercise

the result that is wanted from an activity

In today's session, the object of the exercise is to improve your interpersonal skills. 今天课上这部分练习的目的是提高你们的人际交往技巧。

object noun (CAUSE)

[ C usually singular ] someone or something that causes particular feelings in or actions by others

He became an object of ridicule among the other workers. 他成为其他工人嘲笑的对象。


objectverb [ I ]

uk /əbˈdʒekt/ us /əbˈdʒekt/

B2 to feel or express opposition to or dislike of something or someone

Would anyone object if we started the meeting now? 如果我们现在开始开会,有人反对吗?
He objects to the label "magician". 他反对人们常称他为“魔术师”。
No one objected when the boss said it was time to go home. 老板说该是回家的时候了,这时没有人反对。

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