Translation of "offer" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (AGREE TO GIVE) 答应给予 uk us /ˈɒf.ər/ US  /ˈɑː.fɚ/

[ I or T ] to ask someone if they would like to have something or if they would like you to do something

[ + two objects ] I feel bad that I didn't offer them any food/offer any food to them. 没有给他们提供任何食物,我觉得很过意不去。
She was offered a job in Paris. 她在巴黎得到了一份工作。
Can I offer you (= Would you like) a drink? 你要一杯饮料吗?
"Would you sell me that painting?" "What are you offering (= What will you pay) for it?" “你能把那幅画卖给我吗?”“你出价多少?”
[ + to infinitive ] My father's offered to take us to the airport. 我父亲提出送我们去机场。
[ + speech ] "I'll do the cooking, " he offered. “我来做饭,”他主动提议。
"I could help." "No, it's all right, thanks." "Well, don't say I didn't offer." “我可以帮忙。”“不,不用了,谢谢。”“好吧,别说我没主动帮忙。”

[ T ] (also offer up) to say a prayer or make a sacrifice (= an act of killing or giving up something) to a god

Dear Lord, we offer up our prayers... 亲爱的主,我们向您祈祷…

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