Translation of "ominous" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /ˈɒm.ɪ.nəs/ us /ˈɑː.mə.nəs/

suggesting that something unpleasant is likely to happen

There was an ominous silence when I asked whether my contract was going to be renewed. 当我询问我的合同是否将续签时,回答我的是不祥的沉默。
The engine had been making an ominous sound all the way from my parents' house. 从伦敦出发后,一路上发动机一直发出一种不正常的声音。
ominous dark clouds 不祥的乌云
ominously adverb uk /ˈɒm.ɪ.nə us /ˈɑː.mə.nə

I went into the kitchen and found him lying ominously still on the floor. 我走进厨房,发现他一动不动地躺在地板上,情况不妙。

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