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uk /əˈpɪn.jən/ us /əˈpɪn.jən/

B1 [ C ] a thought or belief about something or someone

What's your opinion about/on the matter? 你对这件事有什么看法?
People tend to have strong opinions on capital punishment. 人们往往对死刑抱有过激的看法。
He didn't express/give an opinion on the matter. 他没有就此事发表意见。
Who, in your opinion, (= who do you think) is the best soccer player in the world today? 依你之见,谁是当今世界最优秀的足球运动员?
He's very much of the opinion that alternative medicine is a waste of time. 他顽固地认为替代疗法是浪费时间。

B2 [ U ] the thoughts or beliefs that a group of people have

Eventually, the government will have to take notice of public opinion. 最终,政府将不得不注意民意所向。
There is a diverse range of opinion on the issue. 在这个问题上意见五花八门。
There was a difference of opinion as to the desirability of the project. 对于该计划是否可取有不同的看法。
Opinion is divided as to whether the treatment actually works. 对于治疗是否真的有效意见不统一。
Both performances were excellent, it's simply a matter of opinion as to whose was better. 两场表演都很好,孰优孰劣只是见仁见智的事情。

B1 [ C ] a judgment about someone or something

Her opinion of Adam changed after he was so helpful at the wedding. 亚当在婚礼上那么热心帮忙,从此以后她对他的看法改变了。
She has a good/high opinion of his abilities (= thinks he is good). 她对他的能力评价甚高。
I have a pretty bad/low/poor opinion of my sister's boyfriend (= I do not like or approve of him). 我对我姐姐的男友评价很坏/低/差。
He has a very high opinion of himself (= thinks he is very skilled/clever in a way that is annoying). 他自视甚高。

B1 [ C ] a judgment made by an expert

My doctor has referred me to a specialist for a second opinion on the results of my blood test. 我的医生将我转诊给一位专科医生以对我的验血结果作再次鉴定。

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