Translation of "order" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (REQUEST) 要求 uk us /ˈɔː.dər/ US  /ˈɔːr.dɚ/

[ C ] a request to make, supply or deliver food or goods

"Can I take your order now?" said the waiter. 侍者问:“现在可以点菜了吗?”
I would like to place (= make) an order for a large pine table. 我想订制一张大松木桌。

[ C ] a product or a meal which has been requested by a customer

The shop phoned to say your order has come in. 商店打来电话说你订的货到了。
be on order

If something is on order, you have requested it but have not yet received it

The new drilling equipment has been on order for several weeks. 新的钻探设备已经订购有几星期了。
do/make sth to order

to do or make something especially for a person who has requested it

We make wedding cakes to order. 我们提供订做婚礼蛋糕。

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