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uk /ˈʌð.ər/ us /ˈʌð.ɚ/

other determiner (ADDITIONAL)

A1 as well as the thing or person already mentioned

The product has many other time-saving features. 该产品还有许多其他的省时特性。
There is no other work available at the moment. 眼下没有其他的活儿了。
There is only one other person who could help us. 只有另外一个人可以帮助我们。
Are there any other people we should ask? 另外还有我们应该与之交谈的人吗?
I found one earring - do you know where the other one is? 我找到了一只耳环——你知道另一只在哪儿吗?
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A1 used at the end of a list to show that there are more things, without being exact about what they are

The plan has been opposed by schools, businesses and other local organizations. 该计划遭到了学校、企业及其他当地组织的反对。
These two books will be especially useful for editors, journalists and other professional users of the language. 这两本书将对编辑、记者及其他使用该语言的专业人士尤为有用。

More examples

  • Circulars and other junk mail go straight in the bin.
  • The site links to about 24 other sites offering clip art.
  • This drug can be safely used in combination with other medicines.
  • The country has vast oil reserves and rich deposits of other minerals.
  • Mr Savino has been charged with three murders as well as a whole slew of other crimes.

other determiner (OPPOSITE)

the other side/end (of sth)

More examples

  • I saw him at the other end of the street.
  • I saw him on the other side of the room.
  • We rowed across to the other bank.
  • If I saw him, I'd cross to the other side of the street.
  • He's at the other end of the political spectrum from me.

B1 the opposite side or end of something

Put the chair at the other end of the desk. 把椅子放到桌子的另一边去。
The man was waiting on the other side of the street. 那个人在街对面等着。

other determiner (DIFFERENT)

B1 different from the thing or person already mentioned

Idon't have any cash - is there no other way of paying? 我没有现金——没有其他支付方式吗?
He likes travelling abroad and learning about other people's customs and traditions. 他喜欢到国外去旅行,并了解其他民族的风俗习惯。
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the other day, week, etc.

B1 referring to a day, week, etc. in the recent past without saying exactly when it was

I saw him just the other day/night. 我几天前/几天前的晚上/几周前刚见过他。
other than

C1 different from or except

Cruises other than the ones listed below are not discounted at this time. 除了小册子上规定的假日外,其他假日小孩座位不免费。
The form cannot be signed by anyone other than yourself. 除了你本人,谁也不能在这张表格上签字。

in a negative sentence, used to mean "except"

There's nothing on TV tonight, other than the usual rubbish. 今晚的电视除了垃圾,再没别的了。
in other words

B2 used to introduce an explanation that is simpler than the one given earlier

He was economical with the truth - in other words, he was lying. 他没讲多少实话——换言之,他在撒谎。
or other C1 informal

used when you cannot or do not want to be exact about the information you are giving

The event was held in some park or other. 这个活动是在某个公园举行的。
We'll find someone or other to help us. 我们会找个人来帮我们的。

More examples

  • All her life she had a childlike trust in other people.
  • There's no harm in applying for other jobs, but if I were you, I wouldn't advertise the fact at work.
  • The professor was a real Jekyll and Hyde - sometimes kind and charming, and at other times rude and obnoxious.
  • The president urged other countries to lift the trade restrictions.
  • Children need to be taught to have respect for other people's property.


uk /ˈʌð.ər/ us /ˈʌð.ɚ/

A2 the second of two things or people, or the thing or person that is left in a group or set of things

Hold the racquet in one hand and the ball in the other. 一只手握拍,另一只手持球。
Some people prefer a vegetarian diet, while others prefer a meat-based diet. 有的人偏爱素食,而另一些人偏爱肉食。
She gave me one book last week and promised to bring the others on Wednesday. 上周她给了我一本书,并答应周三把其他的书带来。
others [ plural ]

More examples

  • I lived on my own for a while but I missed the companionship of others.
  • Perhaps some systems of government are more corruptible than others.
  • This is one possible solution to the problem. However, there are others.
  • Some words are more difficult to spell than others.
  • Some college courses have stiffer entry requirements than others.

B2 more ones

I only know about this book, but there might be others (= other books). 我只知道这本书,不过或许还有别的。

B1 people in general, not including yourself

You shouldn't expect others to do your work for you. 你不应该指望别人替你干活儿。

More examples

  • At the top of the hill I switched off the engine and we just coasted down the other side.
  • Trouble broke out in the match when one of the players called a member of the other team a cheat.
  • When you run, each foot leaves the ground before the other comes down.
  • This cable should have a plug at one end and a socket at the other.
  • Roughly half (of) the class are Spanish and the others are a mixture of nationalities.

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