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uk /pɑːr/ us /pɑːr/

par noun (EQUAL)

on a par (with sb/sth)

the same as or equal to someone or something

The regeneration of the city's downtown dock front will put it on a par with Nice or Cannes. 市中心临码头地区重建后,该市将能与尼斯或戛纳相媲美。

par noun (STANDARD)

[ U ] the usual standard or condition


[ U ] the expected number of times in golf that a good player should have to hit the ball in order to get it into a hole or into all the holes

Tiger Woods finished the round 10 below/under par. 老虎伍兹以低于标准杆数10杆的成绩结束了该轮比赛。
par (value) specialized

the original value of a share, bond, etc. when it is made available for sale for the first time


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