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uk /pɑːt/ us /pɑːrt/

part noun (SOME)

A2 [ U ] some but not all of a thing

Part of my steak isn't cooked properly. 我这块牛排有些部分没烧好。
Part of this form seems to be missing. 这份表格有一部分似乎缺失了。
I think part of her problem is that she doesn't listen carefully enough to what other people say. 我认为她的部分问题在于她不去认真听取别人所说的话。
in part

C2 partly, or to some degree

The deadline for applications is being extended, in part because of the postal strike. 申请的最后期限延长了,部分原因是邮局发生了罢工。
in (a) large part

to an important degree

How quickly we can finish the project depends in (a) large part on when we get the payments through. 我们能多快完成这个项目很大程度上取决于款项什么时候到位。
for the most part

C1 mostly or usually

He was, for the most part, quite helpful. 他通常都很乐于助人。

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part noun (SEPARATE PIECE)

A1 [ C ] a separate piece of something, or a piece that combines with other pieces to form the whole of something

We learned about all the different parts of the digestive system. 我们了解到消化系统所有不同的组成部分。
The lower part of her spine was crushed in the accident. 她脊柱的下部在事故中给压碎了。
I think there's always a part of you that doubts what you're doing. 我想你一直多少有点怀疑你在做的事情吧。
Fresh fruit and vegetables form an essential/important part of a healthy diet. 新鲜的水果和蔬菜是健康饮食的基本/重要组成部分。
There'll be snow in parts (= particular areas) of the Midlands tonight. 今晚英格兰中部部分地区将有雪。

B2 [ C ] one of the pieces that together form a machine or some type of equipment

He works for a company that makes aircraft parts. 他在一家制造飞机零件的公司工作。

[ C ] a single broadcast of a series of television or radio programmes or a division of a story

Next week we publish part three of the president's diaries. 下周我们将出版《黛安娜日记》的第三部分。
The programme will be shown in two parts. 该节目将分两集播出。

[ C ] one of two or more equal, or almost equal, measures of something

Mix one part of the medicine with three parts water. 将一份药与三份水混合。

B1 [ C ] one of the characters in a film, play, or dance, or the words, actions, or movements that are said or done by that character

He has a small part in the school play. 他在学校的演出中得到一个小角色。
She plays the part of the sexy blonde waitress. 她扮演那位金发性感女侍者。

[ C ] the music that a particular musician plays in a group

these parts informal

used to refer to an area of the country

We don't see many foreigners in these parts. 在这些地区我们见不到多少外国人。

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part noun (INVOLVEMENT)

take part

B1 to be involved in an activity with other people

She doesn't usually take part in any of the class activities. 她通常不参加任何班级活动。

[ U ] involvement in or responsibility for an activity, or action

He admitted his part in the robbery. 他承认抢劫也有他的份儿。
I want no part in/of your crazy plans! 我一点也不想参与你那些疯狂的计划!

part noun (HAIR)

[ C ] US UK parting a line on someone's head made by brushing the hair in two different directions

a centre/side part 中/偏分


uk /pɑːt/ us /pɑːrt/

C2 [ I or T ] to separate or cause something or someone to separate

The curtains parted, revealing a darkened stage. 幕布拉开,露出灯光转暗的舞台。
To be parted from him even for two days made her sad. 就连跟他分开两天都会叫她难过。

[ T ] If you part your hair, you arrange it so that it falls on either side of your head by separating it with a line down the middle or on one side.


C2 [ I ] formal If two people part, they leave each other, often at the end of a relationship.

I'm afraid we parted on very bad terms. 很遗憾我们关系闹僵后分手了。


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /pɑːt/ us /pɑːrt/


He's part African - his father was born in Somalia. 他有部分非洲血统——他父亲出生在索马里。
The exam is part spoken and part written. 考试一部分是口试,一部分是笔试。

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