Translation of "part" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (SOME) 一些 uk us /pɑːt/ US  /pɑːrt/

[ U ] some but not all of a thing

Part of my steak isn't cooked properly. 我这块牛排有些部分没烧好。
Part of this form seems to be missing. 这份表格有一部分似乎缺失了。
I think part of her problem is that she doesn't listen carefully enough to what other people say. 我认为她的部分问题在于她不去认真听取别人所说的话。
in part

partly, or to some degree

The deadline for applications is being extended, in part because of the postal strike. 申请的最后期限延长了,部分原因是邮局发生了罢工。
in (a) large part

to an important degree

How quickly we can finish the project depends in (a) large part on when we get the payments through. 我们能多快完成这个项目很大程度上取决于款项什么时候到位。
for the most part

mostly or usually

He was, for the most part, quite helpful. 他通常都很乐于助人。

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