Translation of "particular" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (SPECIAL) 特殊的 uk us /pəˈtɪk.jʊ.lər/ US  /pɚˈtɪk.jə.lɚ/

[ before noun ] special, or this and not any other

She wanted a particular type of cactus. 她要某一品种的仙人掌。
He wouldn't take just any book - he had to have this particular one! 他不会随便买本书——他得买这本!
"Why did you ask?" "Oh, no particular reason, just making conversation." “你为什么问呢?”“哦,没什么特别的原因,就是没话找话。”
in particular


What in particular did you like about the last apartment that we saw? 我们最后看的那座公寓你特别喜欢它哪一点?
Are you looking for anything in particular? 你在找某个东西吗?

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