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uk /pɑːs/ us /pæs/

pass verb (GO PAST)

B1 [ I or T ] to go past something or someone or move in relation to it, him, or her

I passed him on the stairs this morning. 今天早上我在楼梯上与他擦肩而过。
You should only pass a slower vehicle if it is safe to do so. 只有在安全的情况下,你才应该超越较慢的车辆。
If you pass a supermarket, could you get me some milk? 你若是路过超市的话,帮我买些牛奶好吗?
I was just passing by (= going past the place where you are), so I thought I'd drop in for a chat. 我正好路过,所以想进来聊聊。
A momentary look of anxiety passed across his face. 他脸上闪过一丝焦虑的神情。
A cloud passed over the sun. 一朵云飘过,遮住了太阳。

[ T ] to go past a particular point in time

Don't buy goods that have passed their sell-by date. 不要购买已超过最迟销售日期的商品。

C2 [ I ] If you say a state or feeling will pass, you mean it will disappear.

Don't worry, his depression is only temporary - it'll soon pass. 别担心,他的消沉只是暂时的——很快就会过去。

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pass verb (SUCCEED)

A2 [ I or T ] to be successful in an exam, course, etc.

Guess what? I've passed my driving test! 你猜怎么着?我通过驾驶考试了!
The exam is so hard that only five percent of all applicants pass. 考试太难了,所有考生中只有5%通过。

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pass verb (GIVE)

B1 [ T ] to give something to someone

Could you pass the salt please? 你能把盐递给我吗?
I asked if I could see the letter, so she passed it to me reluctantly. 我问能不能看看那封信,她就很不情愿地把它递给了我。
[ + two objects ] Gerald passed me the note./Gerald passed the note to me. 杰拉尔德把便条递给了我。
Genes are the means by which parents' characteristics are passed on to their children. 基因是一系列遗传指令,父母的特征通过它们遗传给子女。

C2 [ I or T ] In sports, if you pass the ball, you kick, throw, or hit it to someone in your team.


[ T ] If you pass money, you give someone false or stolen money without telling them.

[ + two objects ] I haven't trusted him since he passed me a forged $100 bill. 自从他给了我一张5英镑的假钞后我就不信任他了。
She was arrested for passing stolen cheques. 她因使用偷窃的支票而被捕。

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pass verb (TIME)

B1 [ I ] When time passes, it goes past.

Time seems to pass (by) so slowly when you're bored. 百无聊赖时,时间似乎过得很慢。
I was a little worried about the party, but the evening passed without any great disasters. 我有点为晚会担心,但是一晚上过去了,并没出什么大不了的事情。

B2 [ T ] If you pass a period of time, you do something to stop yourself being bored during that period.

The visitors pass their days swimming, windsurfing, and playing volleyball. 游客们通过游泳、冲浪和打排球来消磨时间。

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pass verb (APPROVE)

B2 [ T ] (of an official group of people) to give approval to something, especially by voting to make it law

The government passed a law to restrict the sale of guns. 政府通过了一项限制枪支买卖的法律。
The food supplement had been passed as safe for human consumption. 该饭店供应的肉食未通过是否适合食用的检验。

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pass verb (JUDGE)

pass judgment, comment, etc.

to express a judgment or opinion about something, especially someone else's behaviour

As a convicted criminal, he's in no position to pass judgment (on the rest of us). 他是已定罪的罪犯,没资格(对我们其他人)品头论足。
pass sentence

to say officially, as a judge, what a criminal's official punishment will be


pass verb (EXCRETE)

[ T ] formal to remove waste from the body

to pass urine 排尿
pass blood formal

to have blood in your urine or faeces (= solid waste)

If you pass blood, you should go and see your doctor. 如果你便血的话应该去看医生。

pass verb (NOT PLAY)

[ I ] to choose not to play in a part of a game or not to answer a question in a quiz


pass verb (CHANGE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to change from one state to another

Wax passes from solid to liquid when you heat it. 蜡受热后会从固体变成液体。


uk /pɑːs/ us /pæs/

pass noun (EXAM RESULT)

B2 [ C ] UK a successful result in an exam

Jon Hill achieved two grade A passes at A-level. 乔纳森‧希尔在高级证书考试中取得了 A 等成绩。

[ C ] US a successful result in a course or exam for which the student will not be given a mark

I got a pass in my Literature course. 我修习的世界文学课程考试及格了。

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pass noun (BALL)

C2 [ C ] a movement of the ball from one player to another member of the same team in a team sport


pass noun (DOCUMENT)

B1 [ C ] an official document or ticket showing that you have the right to go somewhere or use a particular form of transport

a bus pass 公共汽车乘车证
a boarding pass 登机牌
My guest pass allows me to use the club's facilities free of charge. 我有贵宾证,可以免费使用该俱乐部的设施。

[ C ] mainly US a document that allows a student to leave a class for a particular reason

She had a pass to go to the library. 她有去图书馆的证件。

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pass noun (PATH)

[ C ] a path or road between or over mountains

a mountain pass 山口

pass noun (BAD SITUATION)

[ S ] a difficult or unpleasant condition

If I'd been aware things had reached such a pass, I'd have told the police. 我要是知道事情已到了这步田地,早就报警了。
UK It's come to a pretty pass (= it's a bad situation) when you can't even have a few quiet drinks with some friends. 当你连和几个朋友安静地喝几杯也不行时,处境真是糟透了。

pass noun (SEXUAL ACTION)

make a pass at sb informal

to speak to or touch someone in a way that shows you would like to start a sexual relationship with them


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