Translation of "pass" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (GO PAST) 经过 uk us /pɑːs/ US  /pæs/

[ I or T ] to go past something or someone or move in relation to it or them

I passed him on the stairs this morning. 今天早上我在楼梯上与他擦肩而过。
You should only pass a slower vehicle if it is safe to do so. 只有在安全的情况下,你才应该超越较慢的车辆。
If you pass a supermarket, could you get me some milk? 你若是路过超市的话,帮我买些牛奶好吗?
I was just passing by (= going past the place where you are), so I thought I'd drop in for a chat. 我正好路过,所以想进来聊聊。
A momentary look of anxiety passed across his face. 他脸上闪过一丝焦虑的神情。
A cloud passed over the sun. 一朵云飘过,遮住了太阳。

[ T ] to go past a particular point in time

Don't buy goods which have passed their sell-by date. 不要购买已超过最迟销售日期的商品。

[ I ] If you say a state or feeling will pass, you mean it will disappear

Don't worry, his depression is only temporary - it'll soon pass. 别担心,他的消沉只是暂时的——很快就会过去。

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