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uk /ˈpɑː.sɪŋ/ us /ˈpæs.ɪŋ/

passing noun (CONVERSATION)

in passing

If something is said in passing, it is said while talking about something else and is not the main subject of a conversation.

When asked if he had told the police about the incident, Mr Banks said he had mentioned it in passing to a detective. 被问及是否已将此告诉了警察时,班克斯先生说他曾向一位侦探顺便提过。

passing noun (TIME)

the passing of time/the years

the process of time passing

My parents seem to have mellowed with the passing of the years. 随着岁月的流逝,我父母似乎变得心气平和了。

[ S ] the death or end of someone or something

Ten years after her death, the public still mourns her passing. 她死去10年后,人们仍在为她的去世感到悲痛。
the passing of the old year 旧的一年的流逝

passingadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈpɑː.sɪŋ/ us /ˈpæs.ɪŋ/

passing adjective [ before noun ] (GOING PAST)

moving past

A passing motorist stopped and gave her a lift to the nearby town. 一名路过的汽车司机停下来,把她捎到了附近的镇上。

passing adjective [ before noun ] (TIME)

lasting only for a short time and not important or complete

I gave the restaurant a passing glance as I walked by, but I didn't notice who was in there.
The matter is only of passing scientific interest. 这东西的科学意义只是暂时的。

used to refer to a period of time that is going past

The situation seems to become more hopeless with each/every passing day. 日子一天天过去了,局势似乎越来越无可救药了。

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