Translation of "passive" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (BEHAVIOUR) 行为 uk us /ˈpæs.ɪv/ often disapproving

not acting to influence or change a situation; allowing other people to be in control

He's very passive in the relationship. 他在这一关系中非常被动。
Men have always played an active part in leading worship while women have been confined to more passive roles. 男性在宗教崇拜方面一直起着主导作用,而女性则一直被局限于较被动的角色。
→ See also impassive
passively uk us /ˈpæs.ɪ adverb

He tends to wait passively for his boss to tell him what to do. 他往往是消极地等待老板叫他做事。

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