Translation of "past" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (TIME BEFORE) 以前 uk us /pɑːst/ US  /pæst/

[ before noun ] used to refer to a period of time before and until the present

The average temperature worldwide has risen by about one degree Fahrenheit in the past 100 years. 在过去的100年内,全世界的平均气温已上升了大约1华氏度。
I've been walking 3 miles a day for the past 30 years. 在过去的30年里我每天都步行3英里。
He was the fifth climber to die on these mountains over the past two days. 他是过去两天内第五个死在这些山上的登山者。
In centuries/years past (= Many centuries/years ago) even visiting the next village was considered a long journey. 数个世纪/数年前,连到邻村去都被视为一次长途跋涉。

[ before noun ] having happened or existed before now

I know from past experience that you can't judge someone by their appearance. 我凭以往的经验知道不能以貌取人。
The Prime Minister's family have been instructed not to discuss his past life with the press. 首相的家人被吩咐不要和媒体谈及他过去的生活。

[ after verb ] finished

I'm feeling much better now that the cold weather is past. 冷天过去了,我现在感觉好受多了。

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