Translation of "past" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ S ] (TIME BEFORE) 以前 uk us /pɑːst/ US  /pæst/

the period before and until, but not including, the present time

Evolution can explain the past, but it can never predict the future. 进化能解释过去,但永远无法预知未来。
In the past, this sort of work was all done by hand. 在过去,这种活儿完全是手工完成的。
By winning the 1500 metres, he joins some of the great names of the past. 赢得1500米比赛的冠军后,他已经能够与昔日的一些伟大运动员比肩。
a past

a part of someone's life in which they did unacceptable or dishonest things

He's a man with a past. 他有一段不光彩的过去。

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