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uk /peɡ/ us /peɡ/

peg noun (HOOK)

[ C ] a small stick or hook that sticks out from a surface and from which objects, especially clothes, can hang

He took off his coat/hat and hung it on the peg. 他脱下大衣/帽子,挂在衣钩上。

[ S ] a reason for discussing something further

They decided to use the anniversary as the peg for/a peg on which to hang a TV documentary. 他们决定把周年庆典作为制作一部电视纪录片的入手点。

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[ C ] a device used to fasten something into a particular place

Hammer the (tent) pegs firmly into the ground. 用锤子把(帐篷)桩牢牢地楔入地里。
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peg noun (IN BASEBALL)

[ C ] US informal a low fast throw in baseball



uk /peɡ/ us /peɡ/ -gg-

peg verb (FASTEN)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to fasten something in place with pegs

Make sure the tarpaulin is securely pegged down. 务必用桩子把油布牢牢地固定好。
UK I'll peg out the clothes before I go to work. 我会在上班之前把衣服用夹子晾在晾衣绳上的。

[ T ] to make a price, currency, etc. stay at a particular level

The agreement works because member nations haven't tried to peg prices. 因为成员国没有企图限定价格,所以协议起作用了。

peg verb (THROW)

[ T ] US informal to throw a ball in baseball low and fast

Mattingly pegged the ball to Stanley. 马丁利把球投向了斯坦利。

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