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uk /ˈpɜː.fekt/ us /ˈpɝː.fekt/

perfect adjective (WITHOUT FAULT)

A2 complete and correct in every way, of the best possible type or without fault

a perfect day 美好的一天
What is your idea of perfect happiness? 你认为完美的幸福是什么样的?
This church is a perfect example of medieval architecture. 这座教堂是中世纪建筑的完美典范。
You have a perfect English accent. 你有一口地道的英格兰口音。
The car is five years old but is in almost perfect condition. 这辆车开了5年了,但车况还近乎完美。
She thought at last she'd found the perfect man. 她认为自己终于找到了十全十美的男人。

C2 used to emphasize a noun

It makes perfect sense. 这很有道理。
a perfect stranger 完全陌生的人

More examples

  • He's so fussy about the house - everything has to be absolutely perfect.
  • The president reassured his people that he was in perfect health.
  • The curtains look great - they're a perfect match for the sofa.
  • Within a short space of time you could be speaking perfect English!
  • Her determination, teamwork skills and leadership capabilities convinced us that she was perfect for the job.

perfect adjective (PAST TENSE)

specialized language of or relating to a verb indicating a completed action

the present perfect tense 现在完成时

perfectnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈpɜː.fekt/ us /ˈpɝː.fekt/ specialized
the perfect (tense)

More examples

  • 'I had already eaten' is an example of the past perfect.
  • 'I have already eaten' is an example of the present perfect.

B2 the tense of a verb that shows action that has happened in the past or before another time or event

In English, the perfect is formed with "have" and the past participle of the verb. 在英语中,完成时是由 have 加动词的过去分词构成的。

perfectverb [ T ]

uk /pəˈfekt/ us /pɝːˈ/

C2 to make something free from faults

He is keen to perfect his golfing technique. 他热衷于提高自己的高尔夫球技。

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