Translation of "perfect" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (WITHOUT FAULT) 无瑕疵 uk us /ˈpɜː.fekt/ US  /ˈpɝː-/

complete and correct in every way, of the best possible type or without fault

a perfect day 美好的一天
What is your idea of perfect happiness? 你认为完美的幸福是什么样的?
This church is a perfect example of medieval architecture. 这座教堂是中世纪建筑的完美典范。
You have a perfect English accent. 你有一口地道的英格兰口音。
The car is five years old but is in almost perfect condition. 这辆车开了5年了,但车况还近乎完美。
She thought at last she'd found the perfect man. 她认为自己终于找到了十全十美的男人。

used to emphasize a noun

It makes perfect sense. 这很有道理。
a perfect stranger 完全陌生的人

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