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uk /fɪˈlɒs.ə.fi/ us /fɪˈlɑː.sə.fi/

B2 [ U ] the use of reason in understanding such things as the nature of the real world and existence, the use and limits of knowledge, and the principles of moral judgment

René Descartes is regarded as the founder of modern philosophy. 勒内•揓卡尔被视为现代哲学的奠基人。
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the philosophy of sth

a group of theories and ideas related to the understanding of a particular subject

the philosophy of education/religion/science 教育/宗教/科学知识

[ C ] a particular system of beliefs, values, and principles

the Ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism 古希腊斯多葛哲学体系

C1 [ C usually singular ] informal the way that someone thinks about life and deals with it

Live now, pay later - that's my philosophy of life! 现在享受,以后还钱——这是我的人生哲学。

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