Translation of "pigment" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C or U ] uk us /ˈpɪɡ.mənt/

a substance which gives something a particular colour when it is present in it or is added to it

Melanin is the dark brown pigment of the hair, skin and eyes which is present in varying amounts in every human being. 黑色素是头发、皮肤和眼睛中的黑褐色色素,每个人体内或多或少都有这种色素。
Pigment is mixed into oil, glue, egg, etc. to make different types of paint. 将颜料与油、胶水、鸡蛋等混合,制成各种涂料。
pigmented uk us /pɪɡˈmen.tɪd/ US  /ˈpɪɡ.mən.t̬ɪd/ adjective

pigmented tissue/skin/areas 染色的组织/皮肤/区域

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