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uk /paɪl/ us /paɪl/

pile noun (AMOUNT)

B1 [ C ] objects positioned one on top of another

a pile of books 一摞书
a pile of dirty clothes 一大堆脏衣服

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pile noun (COLUMN)

[ C ] a strong column or post of wood, metal, or concrete that is pushed into the ground to help support a building


pile noun (SURFACE)

[ S ] the soft surface made by the ends of many short threads on a carpet or on cloth such as velvet

a luxurious deep-pile carpet 豪华的长毛地毯

pile noun (BUILDING)

[ C ] mainly humorous a large building

They've got a great big Victorian pile somewhere out in the country. 他们在乡下的某个地方有一座高大的维多利亚式的房子。

pile noun (MEDICAL)

piles [ plural ] informal

→  haemorrhoids




uk /paɪl/ us /paɪl/

pile verb (OBJECTS)

[ I or T, + adv/prep ] also pile up to arrange objects into a pile

We piled plenty of logs up next to the fire. 我们在炉火旁堆了很多木柴。
Please pile your homework books neatly on the table as you leave. 离开时请把你们的作业本整齐地叠放在桌子上。
Her plate was piled (high) with salad. 她的盘子里盛满了色拉。
Snow had piled up against the walls. 雪在墙根堆积起来。

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pile verb (PEOPLE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] informal (of a group of people) to move together, especially in an uncontrolled way

As soon as the train stopped, they all piled in/out. 火车刚停下,他们就挤了进去/出来。

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