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pilotnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpaɪ.lət/ us /ˈpaɪ.lət/

pilot noun [ C ] (AIRCRAFT)

A2 a person who flies an aircraft

a fighter/helicopter/bomber/airline pilot 战斗机/直升机/轰炸机/客机驾驶员

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pilot noun [ C ] (SHIP)

a person with detailed knowledge of an area of water, such as that around a port, who goes onto a ship to direct it safely


pilot noun [ C ] (TEST)

a programme that is made to introduce a new radio or television series and test how popular it is

If you'd seen the pilot, you'd know why they decided not to make a complete series of programmes! 如果你看了试播节目的话,就会明白他们为什么决定不制作整套节目了。

pilot noun [ C ] (FLAME)

also pilot light a small flame that burns all the time in a gas device, such as a cooker or a device for heating water, and that starts the main flame burning when the gas is turned on


pilotadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈpaɪ.lət/ us /ˈpaɪ.lət/

A pilot plan, product, or system is used to test how good something is before introducing it.

If the pilot scheme is successful, many more homes will be offered the new television service. 如果试验计划成功,会有越来越多的家庭享受到新的电视服务。

pilotverb [ T ]

uk /ˈpaɪ.lət/ us /ˈpaɪ.lət/

pilot verb [ T ] (AIRCRAFT)

to fly an aircraft

She piloted the aircraft to safety after one of the engines failed. 其中一个引擎发生故障后,她将飞机开到了安全的地方。

pilot verb [ T ] (TEST)

to test a new product before it is sold

We shall pilot several new cosmetic products to selected potential purchasers. 我们将在一些选定的潜在顾客身上试用几种新化妆品。

pilot verb [ T ] (INTRODUCE)

[ usually + adv/prep ] mainly UK to be responsible for introducing a new law or system and making certain it is established

20 years ago he piloted a bill through Parliament on working conditions. 20年前他力促议会通过了一项有关工作环境的议案。

pilot verb [ T ] (SHIP)

to direct a ship into a port or through an area of water


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