Translation of "pitch" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (PERSUASION) 说服 uk us /pɪtʃ/

a speech or act which attempts to persuade someone to buy or do something

The man in the shop gave me his (sales) pitch about quality and reliability. 商店里的那个男人对我大谈质量上乘信誉可靠之类的推销行话。
She made a pitch for the job but she didn't get it. 她竭力争取这份工作,但却未得到。
[ + to infinitive ] The city made a pitch to stage the Olympics. 该市竭力争取主办奥运会。

UK a place in a public area where a person regularly sells goods or performs

The flower seller was at his usual pitch outside the station. 那个卖花人在车站外他平时的摊位上。

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