Translation of "place" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (AREA) 地区 uk us /pleɪs/

[ C ] an area, town, building,

Her garden was a cool pleasant place to sit. 坐在她的花园里真是凉爽宜人。
What was the name of that place we drove through on the way to New York? 我们开车去纽约的路上穿过的那个地方叫什么名字?
They decided to go to a pizza place. 他们决定去比萨饼店。
There are several places of interest to visit in the area. 该地区有一些旅游胜地值得游览。
It's important to feel comfortable in your place of work. 在工作单位感觉舒心是很重要的。

[ C ] informal someone's home

I'm looking for a place to live. 我在找个住的地方。
We'll have the meeting at my place. 我们将在我家开会。

[ S ] a suitable area, building, situation or occasion

University is a great place for making new friends. 大学是交新朋友的好地方。
[ + to infinitive ] This meeting isn't the place to discuss your problems, I'm afraid. 恐怕这个会议不是谈论个人私事的场合。

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