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uk /plæn/ us /plæn/

plan noun (DECISION)

A2 [ C ] a set of decisions about how to do something in the future

a company's business plan 公司的商业计划
a negotiated peace plan 谈判达成的和平计划
a five-year plan 五年计划
holiday plans 假期安排
What are your plans for this weekend? 这个周末你有什么计划?
[ + to infinitive ] My plan is to sell the house and buy an apartment. 我的计划是到达美国后租一辆汽车到处旅行。

[ C ] a type of arrangement for financial investment

a pension/savings plan 退休金/储蓄方案
go according to plan

to happen in the way you intend

Events of this type rarely go according to plan. 这类事件很少按计划进行。

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plan noun (DRAWING)

B2 [ C ] a drawing of a building, town, area, vehicle, machine, etc. that only shows its shape from above, its size, and the position of important details

a street plan (= a type of map of a town showing the roads) 街道平面图
a seating plan (= a drawing that shows where each person will sit) 座位表
plans [ plural ]

B2 drawings from which something is made or built

The architect showed us the house plans that she had drawn up. 建筑师向我们展示了她画的住房图纸。
I'll send a set of plans for the new machine. 我会送去新机器的一套详图。

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uk /plæn/ us /plæn/ -nn-

plan verb (DECIDE)

B1 [ I + adv/prep, T ] to think about and decide what you are going to do or how you are going to do something

She helped them to plan their route. 她帮助他们设计路线。
If we plan carefully, we should be able to stay within our budget. 如果我们精打细算,我们就可以不超支。
[ + question word ] She's already planning how to spend her prize money. 她已经在计划如何花奖金了。

A2 [ I or T ] to intend to do something or that an event or result should happen

Our meeting wasn't planned - it was completely accidental. 我们的会面不是计划好的——纯属偶然。
[ + to infinitive ] I'm not planning to stay here much longer. 我不打算在这里再呆很长时间。
[ + adv/prep ] We only planned for six guests, but then someone brought a friend. 我们仅做了6个客人来的准备,但有人带了一个朋友来。

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plan verb (DESIGN)

[ T ] to design a building or structure

The people who planned these new towns had a vision of clean modern housing for everyone. 英国新城镇的设计者期望给每个人提供整洁的现代住宅。

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