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plugnoun [ C ]

uk /plʌɡ/ us /plʌɡ/

plug noun [ C ] (ELECTRICAL)

B1 a small plastic or rubber object with two or three metal pins, attached to the end of a wire on a piece of electrical equipment and pushed into a special opening in a wall to connect the equipment to a supply of electricity

a three-pin/two-pin plug 三相/两相插头
to fit/change a plug 安装/更换插头
If a plug is wired incorrectly, it can be dangerous. 如果插头接线不对会很危险。

mainly UK informal an electric socket

Is there a plug in the bedroom that I can use for my hairdryer? 卧室里有没有插座,我想用一下电吹风?

US UK jack plug a metal pin at the end of a long wire joined to a piece of electrical equipment and used to connect it to another piece of electrical equipment


informal for spark plug


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plug noun [ C ] (FOR HOLE)

B1 a small piece of rubber, plastic, wood, etc. that fits into a hole in order to close it

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B1 a round piece of rubber or plastic that fits into the hole in a sink or a bath

a bath plug 浴缸塞
Put the plug in the sink and run some water. 把洗涤槽排水孔塞上,然后放些水。

a small piece of plastic or wood that you put into a hole in a wall before putting a screw into it


a small piece of material such as cotton wool, twisted or pressed tightly so it is firm


plug noun [ C ] (ADVERTISEMENT)

the act of telling people publicly about a product, event, etc.

She never misses an opportunity to get in a plug for her new film. 她从来不会错过向公众宣传自己新片的机会。

plugverb [ T ]

uk /plʌɡ/ us /plʌɡ/ -gg-

plug verb [ T ] (ADVERTISE)

to advertise something by talking about it a lot or praising it, especially on the radio or television

That interview was just a way for him to plug his new book. 那次采访只是宣传他的新书的一种方式。
They're plugging this new chocolate bar everywhere at the moment. 此时他们正在到处宣传这种新巧克力。

plug verb [ T ] (SHOOT)

US slang to shoot someone with a gun

Sure, boss, we plugged the guy (full of lead). 是的,头儿,我们(乱枪)打死了那家伙。

plug verb [ T ] (FILL HOLE)

to fill a hole with a piece of suitable material

Have you plugged that leak (= stopped it by filling the hole) in the pipe? 你把管子上的裂缝堵起来了吗?
My nose was bleeding and I plugged it with cotton wool. 我鼻子流血了,便塞了棉球止血。

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