Translation of "plug" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (ELECTRICAL OBJECT) 电的物件 uk us /plʌɡ/

a small plastic or rubber object with two or three metal pins which is fixed to the end of a wire on a piece of electrical equipment, and which is pushed into a special opening in a wall in order to connect the equipment to a supply of electricity

a three-pin/two-pin plug 三相/两相插头
to fit/change a plug 安装/更换插头
If a plug is wired incorrectly, it can be dangerous. 如果插头接线不对会很危险。

mainly UK informal an electric socket

Is there a plug in the bedroom that I can use for my hairdryer? 卧室里有没有插座,我想用一下电吹风?

US for jack plug


informal for spark plug


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