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uk /plʌs/ us /plʌs/

A2 added to

What is six plus four? 6加4等于几?
The rent will be £175 a week, plus (= added to the cost of) gas and electricity. 算上煤气和电,每周租金为75英镑。

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pluspreposition, conjunction

uk /plʌs/ us /plʌs/

B1 and also

There will be two adults travelling, plus three children. 旅行时将有两个大人,外加三个小孩。
informal Let's not go on holiday in August - it'll be too hot - plus it'll be more expensive. 我们不要在8月份去度假——天太热,而且花销会更大。

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plusnoun [ C ]

uk /plʌs/ us /plʌs/

plus noun [ C ] (ADVANTAGE)

B2 plural pluses or plusses informal an advantage or a good feature

Your teaching experience will be a plus in this job. 你的教学经验对从事这项工作是个有利因素。

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plus noun [ C ] (ADDITION SIGN)

also plus sign the (+) sign, written between two numbers to show that they should be added together



uk /plʌs/ us /plʌs/

plus adjective (ADDITION)

[ before noun ] A plus number or amount is more than zero.

Plus 8 is eight more than zero. +8比0大8。
The temperature is expected to be no more than plus two (degrees). 温度预计只有零上2度。

[ after noun ] more than the number or amount mentioned

temperatures of 40 plus 40度以上的温度
Those cars cost £20,000 plus. 那些车总价在1.5万英镑以上。

[ after noun ] used by teachers after a letter, such as B or C, to show that the standard of a piece of work is slightly higher than the stated mark

I got C plus/C+ for my essay. 我作文得了C+。

plus adjective (ADVANTAGE)

[ before noun ] informal used to describe an advantage or good quality that something has

The house is near the sea, which is a plus factor for us. 房子离海边近,这对我们来说是个有利因素。
UK The fact that the flight goes from our nearest airport is a real plus point. 航班从离我们最近的机场起飞,这一点对我们真的是非常有利。

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