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uk /plaɪ/ us /plaɪ/

ply verb (WORK)

[ T ] to sell or to work regularly at something, especially at a job that involves selling things

Fishermen in small boats ply their trade up and down the coast. 渔民们驾着小船沿着海岸兜售海鲜。
Dealers are openly plying drugs in school playgrounds. 毒品贩子公然在校园操场上兜售毒品。
The market traders were loudly plying their wares. 市场上的商贩们在高声叫卖他们的商品。
ply for business, trade, etc.

to try to get customers for your business in a public place, for example, as a taxi driver, by driving around or waiting in a regular place

UK There are never any taxis plying for trade/hire in our area. 我们这一地区从来都没有出租车在这里候客。
I noticed a couple of prostitutes plying for business on the corner. 我看到拐角处有几个妓女在拉客。

ply verb (TRAVEL)

[ I + adv/prep, T ] old-fashioned When a boat, train, bus, etc. plies a particular route, it makes that journey regularly.

High-speed trains regularly ply between Paris and Lyons. 高速列车定期往返于巴黎和里昂之间。
This airline has been plying the transatlantic route for many years. 这家航空公司经营跨大西洋航线已经很多年了。

Phrasal verb(s)

plynoun [ U ]

uk /plaɪ/ us /plaɪ/

the particular number of threads from which wool, rope, etc. is made, used as a measure of its thickness

six balls of four-ply (wool) 6个有4股毛线的线球
What ply do you need for that knitting pattern? 那个编结样式需要用几股毛线?

the particular number of layers from which plywood or tissue is formed, used as a measure of its thickness

Will three-ply (= woolmade from three layers stuck together) be strong enough for making a shelf? 三层夹板搭的架子是否够结实?

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