Translation of "poach" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (TAKE) 拿走 uk us /pəʊtʃ/ US  /poʊtʃ/

to catch and kill animals without permission on someone else's land

The farmer claimed that he shot the men because they were poaching on his land. 农场主声称他开枪射杀那些人是因为他们侵入他的地界偷猎。

to take and use for yourself unfairly or dishonestly something, usually an idea, that belongs to someone else

Jeff always poaches my ideas, and then pretends that they're his own. 杰夫经常盗用我的想法,还假装是他自己的。

disapproving to persuade someone who works for someone else to come and work for you

They were furious when one of their best managers was poached by another company. 他们一个最好的经理被别的公司挖走了,他们很恼火。

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