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uk /pəʊl/ us /poʊl/

[ C ] a study in which people are asked for their opinions about a subject or person

We're carrying out/conducting a poll to find out what people think about abortion. 我们正在进行一项民意调查,了解人们对堕胎的看法。
The latest opinion poll puts the Democrats in the lead. 最新的一项民意调查表明民主党领先。
the polls [ plural ]

the places where people vote in a political election

The TV stations agreed not to announce the projected winner until after the polls closed. 电视台同意所有的投票点都关闭后再宣布预测的获胜者。
go to the polls

to vote

The country will go to the polls on 13 September. 该国将于9月13日举行投票。

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pollverb [ T ]

uk /pəʊl/ us /poʊl/

poll verb [ T ] (ELECTION)

When a person or a political party polls a particular number of votes in an election, they receive that number.

With nearly all the votes counted, Mr Soto had polled 67 percent of the vote. 统计了几乎所有的选票后,索托先生获得了67%的选票。

poll verb [ T ] (OPINION)

to ask a person for their opinion as part of a general study of what people think about a subject

Half the people polled said they would pay more for environmentally friendly food. 半数接受调查者说他们愿意多花钱买环保食物。

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