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adjective (LIKED) 受人喜爱的 uk us /ˈpɒp.jʊ.lər/ US  /ˈpɑː.pjə.lɚ/

liked, enjoyed or supported by many people

She's the most popular teacher in school. 她是学校里最受欢迎的老师。
That song was popular with people from my father's generation. 那首歌在我爸爸那一代人中很流行。
Walking is a popular form of exercise in Britain. 在英国步行是很流行的运动方式。
How popular is Madonna among/with teenagers? 麦当娜在青少年中有多受欢迎?
informal Jan wasn't very popular (= people were annoyed by her) when she opened all the windows on that cold day. 在这么冷的天简把所有的窗户都打开,这样做很惹人厌。
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