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portfolionoun [ C ]

uk /ˌpɔːtˈfəʊ.li.əʊ/ us /ˌpɔːrtˈfoʊ.li.oʊ/ plural portfolios

portfolio noun [ C ] (CASE)

a large, thin case used for carrying drawings, documents, etc.


a collection of drawings, documents, etc. that represent a person's, especially an artist's, work

She's trying to build up a portfolio of work to show during job interviews. 她正想整理出自己的代表作以便找工作面试时展示一下。

portfolio noun [ C ] (FINANCIAL)

specialized finance & economics a collection of company shares and other investments that are owned by a particular person or organization


portfolio noun [ C ] (JOB)

UK specialized politics a particular job or area of responsibility of a member of a government

The prime minister offered her the foreign affairs portfolio. 总理邀请她出任外交部长。
without portfolio UK specialized

In Britain, a minister without portfolio is an important government official who is not in charge of a particular department, but who still takes part in the decisions of the government.


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