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uk /ˈpɒs.ə.bəl/ us /ˈpɑː.sə.bəl/

possible adjective (CAN ACHIEVE)

A1 able to be done or achieved, or able to exist

I can't get it all done by Friday - it's just not possible. 我星期五前无法全部完成——是不可能的。
Is it possible to buy tickets in advance? 可以提前订票吗?
They got as far as was humanly possible (= as far as anyone could have) before turning back. 他们折回来前已尽力能走多远就走多远了。

More examples

  • I have tried to keep my translation as faithful as possible to the original book.
  • The judge made an example of him and gave him the maximum possible sentence.
  • Rescuers are doing everything that is humanly possible to free the trapped people.
  • If atmospheric conditions are right, it may be possible to see this group of stars tonight.
  • With today's technology almost anything seems possible.

possible adjective (NOT CERTAIN)

B1 [ + (that) ] that might or might not happen

It's possible (that) Mira might turn up tonight. 米拉今晚可能会来。
"Do you think he'll end up in prison?" "It's very possible." “你认为他最终会蹲监狱吗?”“很可能。”
That's one possible solution to the problem. 这是一个可能解决问题的办法。

More examples

  • It's just possible that we might be going away that weekend.
  • She's researching into possible cures for AIDS.
  • Here is a list of possible answers. Please delete as appropriate.
  • This is one possible solution to the problem. However, there are others.
  • Investigators have studied the possible effects of contamination.

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