Translation of "possible" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (CAN ACHIEVE) 可完成的 uk us /ˈpɒs.ə.bl̩/ US  /ˈpɑː.sə-/

able to be done or achieved, or able to exist

I can't get it all done by Friday - it's just not possible. 我星期五前无法全部完成——是不可能的。
Is it possible to buy tickets in advance? 可以提前订票吗?
We need to send that letter off as soon as possible. 我们必须尽快把那封信寄出去。
They got as far as was humanly possible (= as far as anyone could have) before turning back. 他们折回来前已尽力能走多远就走多远了。
→ Opposite impossible

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