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uk /pəʊst/ us /poʊst/

post noun (LETTERS)

A2 [ U ] mainly UK US usually mail letters, etc. that are delivered to homes or places of work

I'd been away for a few days so I had a lot of post waiting for me. 我离开了几天,所以有好多邮件等着我处理。
My secretary usually opens my post, unless it's marked "private". 除非写有“亲启”,否则通常由我的秘书来拆我的邮件。
Has the post come/arrived yet? 邮件到了吗?

A2 [ U ] mainly UK US usually mail the public system that exists for the collecting and delivering of letters

My letter must have got lost in the post. 我的信肯定在邮递中丢失了。
If you don't want to take it there, you can just send it by post. 你不想送去的话,可以邮寄。

[ S ] UK the time during the day when letters, etc. are collected or delivered

I missed the post this morning. 我错过了上午的邮班。
Did you manage to catch the post? 你赶上邮班了吗?

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post noun (JOB)

B2 [ C ] a job in a company or organization

Teaching posts are advertised in Tuesday's edition of the paper. 星期二的报纸上有招聘教师的广告。
She's held the post for 13 years. 她担任该职已有13年之久。
They have several vacant posts. 他们有几个职位空缺。

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post noun (POLE)

[ C ] a vertical stick or pole stuck into the ground, usually to support something or show a position


[ C ] used as a combining form

a lamppost 路灯柱
a signpost 路标
the post

in the sport of horse racing, the place where the race finishes or, less often, the place from which the race starts


in sports such as football, a goalpost (= either of two vertical posts showing the area in which the ball is kicked to score points)


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post noun (PLACE)

[ C ] the particular place where someone works, especially where a soldier is told to be for military duty, usually as a guard

The soldier was disciplined for deserting his post. 这个士兵因为擅离岗位而受到处分。
I was ordered to remain at my post until the last customer had left. 我奉命要坚守自己的岗位直到最后一名顾客离开。

post noun (MESSAGE)

internet & telecoms something such as a message or picture that you publish on a website or using social media

Lots of people have commented on my post.
You can change your privacy settings so that only certain people can see your posts.


uk /pəʊst/ us /poʊst/

post verb (LETTERS)

A2 UK US mail [ T ] to send a letter or parcel by post

Did you remember to post my letter? 你记得要帮我寄信吗?
I must post that parcel (off) or she won't get it in time for her birthday. 我得把包裹寄走,否则她过生日就不能及时收到了。
[ + two objects ] Could you post me the details/post the details to me? 你能否把详细资料寄给我?

UK [ T ] to put an object through a letterbox (= special opening in a door)

Just post the key through the door after you've locked it. 门锁上后就把钥匙塞进门后的信箱里去。

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post verb (PLACE)

C2 [ T ] to send someone to a particular place to work

He's been posted to Pakistan for six months. 他被派到巴基斯坦工作6个月。
Guards were posted at all the doors. 所有门口处都布置了卫兵。

post verb (MESSAGE)

[ T ] to stick or pin a notice on a wall in order to make it publicly known

Company announcements are usually posted (up) on the noticeboard. 公司通告通常张贴在布告栏里。

B1 [ I or T ] internet & telecoms to publish something such as a message or picture on a website or using social media

I never post anything on the Internet that I wouldn't want my boss to see.
She hardly ever posts on Facebook.
Somebody's been posting obscene messages in this chat room. 有人一直在这个聊天室里发布淫秽信息。

post verb (PAY)

US to pay money, especially so that a person who has been accused of committing a crime can be free until their trial

She has agreed to post bail for her brother. 她已同意为她兄弟支付保释金。


uk /pəʊst-/ us /poʊst-/

after or later than

postgraduate 研究生
postoperative 手术后的
He took a post-lunch nap. 他午饭后小睡了一会儿。

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