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uk /ˈpaʊə.fəl/ us /ˈpaʊ.ɚ.fəl/

powerful adjective (CONTROL)

B1 having a lot of power to control people and events

The president is more powerful than the prime minister. 总统比总理权力更大。
She's the most powerful person in the organization. 她是该组织中最有影响力的人。

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powerful adjective (STRENGTH)

B1 having a lot of strength or force

She's an extremely powerful runner. 她是个非常矫健的赛跑运动员。
The picture quality is bad because the TV signal isn't powerful enough. 图像效果不好,因为电视信号不强。

B2 having a very great effect

a powerful drug 特效药
Her speech about cruelty to children was very powerful. 她关于虐待儿童问题的发言很有感染力。

powerful adjective (IMAGE SIZE)

having the power to increase the size of an image of something that is very small or far away many times

You'd need an extremely powerful microscope to see something so small. 看这么小的东西你需要超高倍显微镜。

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