Translation of "powerful" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (CONTROL) 控制 uk us /ˈpaʊə.fəl/ US  /ˈpaʊɚ-/

having a lot of power to control people and events

The President is more powerful than the Prime Minister. 总统比总理权力更大。
She's the most powerful person in the organization. 她是该组织中最有影响力的人。
powerfully uk us /ˈpaʊə.fəl.i/ US  /ˈpaʊɚ-/ adverb

He argued powerfully and persuasively against capital punishment. 他坚决而又有说服力地争辩,反对实行死刑。
She kicked the ball so powerfully that it flew over the hedge. 她踢球的力量太大了,球飞过了篱笆。
Klaus is a very powerfully-built man (= has a body with large strong muscles). 克劳斯身体非常强壮。

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