Translation of "prattle" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I ] uk /ˈpræt.əl/ us /ˈpræt̬.əl/

to talk in a silly way or like a child for a long time about things that are not important or without saying anything important

She'd have prattled on about her new job for the whole afternoon if I'd let her. 如果我任她讲下去的话,她可以就她的新工作唠叨一下午。
Stop your prattling and go to sleep! 你们别闲扯了,睡觉去吧!
prattle noun [ U ] uk us

His speech contained nothing new and was full of political prattle and clichés. 他的讲话没有什么新内容,只是政治上的胡扯和陈词滥调。
prattler noun [ C ] uk /ˈpræt.əl.ər/ us /ˈpræt̬.əl.ɚ/

Fiona's such a prattler - I wish she'd get to the point! 菲奥娜真是个啰嗦的人——我希望她直截了当地说出她想说的话。

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