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uk /prɪnt/ us /prɪnt/

print noun (TEXT)

C2 [ U ] letters, numbers, or symbols that have been produced on paper by a machine using ink

The title is in bold print. 标题是粗体字。
This novel is available in large print for readers with poor eyesight. 这本小说有大字本,以满足视力差的读者的需要。
The book was rushed into print (= was produced and published) as quickly as possible. 这本书很快就印了出来。
The print quality (= the quality of the text produced) of the new laser printer is excellent. 这台新激光打印机的打印质量很好。

[ U ] newspapers, books, and magazines

The debate is still raging, both in print and online. 这场争论仍然在报刊、电台、电视上激烈地进行着。
in/out of print

C2 If a book is in print, it is possible to buy a new copy of it, and if it is out of print, it is not now possible.

Is her work still in print? 她的书还能买得到吗?
Classic literature never goes out of print. 经典文学作品永远不会绝版。

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print noun (PICTURE)

C1 [ C ] a photographic copy of a painting, or a picture made by pressing paper onto a special surface covered in ink, or a single photograph from a film

a print of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" 凡•高作品《向日葵》的复制品
a signed Hockney print 霍克尼的带签名的复制画
I had some prints made of the party photos.

print noun (PATTERN)

[ C ] any type of pattern produced using ink on a piece of clothing

a floral/paisley print 花卉/佩斯利涡漩纹印花图案

print noun (FINGERPRINT)

[ C ] informal for fingerprint noun

The burglar had left his prints all over the window. 窗户上到处都是窃贼留下的指纹。


uk /prɪnt/ us /prɪnt/

print verb (TEXT)

A2 [ I or T ] to produce writing or images on paper or other material with a machine

The leaflets will be printed on recycled paper. 这些传单将用再生纸来印刷。
I'm waiting for a document to print. 我正在等文件印出来。

B2 [ T ] to include a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine

Some newspapers still refuse to print certain swear words. 有些报纸仍然拒绝某些脏话见报。
They printed his letter in Tuesday's paper. 他们在星期二的报纸上刊载了他的信。

B2 [ T ] to produce a newspaper, magazine, or book in large quantities

20,000 copies of the novel will be printed in hardback. 这本小说将以精装本的形式发行两万册。

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print verb (WRITE)

[ I or T ] to write without joining the letters together

Please print your name clearly below your signature. 请用印刷体在签名下方把你的名字写清楚。

print verb (PICTURE)

[ T ] to produce a photograph on paper

Photographs are better if they are printed from the original negative. 照片要是用原始底片冲洗,效果会更好。

print verb (PATTERN)

[ T ] to produce a pattern on material or paper

The designs are printed onto the fabric by hand. 这些图案是手工印在织品上的。

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