Translation of "print" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (TEXT) 文本 uk us /prɪnt/

[ I or T ] to produce writing or images on paper or other material with a machine

The leaflets will be printed on recycled paper. 这些传单将用再生纸来印刷。
I'm waiting for a document to print. 我正在等文件印出来。

[ T ] to include a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine

Some newspapers still refuse to print certain swear words. 有些报纸仍然拒绝某些脏话见报。
They printed his letter in Tuesday's paper. 他们在星期二的报纸上刊载了他的信。

[ T ] to produce a newspaper, magazine or book in large quantities

20 000 copies of the novel will be printed in hardback. 这本小说将以精装本的形式发行两万册。

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